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Canadian Water Treatment, December 2005
"The Value of Water"
HazMat Management, November 2005
"Environmental Leadership - Does it Pay? - The benefits of taking an environmental leadership role"
Solid Waste & Recycling, October 2005
"The Tire Recycling Market - Comparing the U.S. to Canada"
Canadian Water Treatment, September 2005
"Who Do You Trust?"
Canadian Water Treatment, September 2005
"The Summer of Spills - CN Derailments, Public Trust and the Safety of our Water Supplies"
Canadian Water Treatment, September 2005
"Devils Lake Agreement Raises More Questions than Answers"
HazMat Management, September 2005
"The Name Game - Developing brand recognition is a key component of any successful sales and marketing strategy"
Solid Waste & Recycling, August 2005
"Waste-to-Energy in Canada - Will it Work?"
Canadian Water Treatment, July 2005
"Walkerton: Lessons Learned after Five Years"
Canadian Water Treatment, July 2005
"The Devils Lake Water Diversion Proposal: A Cross Border Controversy"
Municipal World, July 2005
"Smog Summit - Has any progress been made?"
HazMat Management, July 2005
"Strategic Vision - More lessons from EMS"
Solid Waste & Recycling, June 2005
"Australian to the CORE - The Art of Selling Recycled Organics"
Solid Waste & Recycling, May 2005
"The E-Waste Recycling Market"
May 2005 Canadian Water Treatment
"Safe Drinking Water - At What Cost?"
April 2005 HazMat Management
"A Small Fish in a Big Pond - How to export to anywhere in the world and get paid"
March 2005 Solid Waste & Recycling,
Keep on Truckin' - Reducing truck fleet emissions and operating costs
February 2005 HazMat Management,
"Environmental Mismanagement? Lessons learned from the EMS boardroom"
January 2005 Solid Waste & Recycling
How to Succeed in the Composting Market
December 2004 HazMat Management
"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - How to reap rewards for environmental leadership"
November 2004 HazMat Management:
"(True) Environmentalists? How to overcome obstacles to clean-up projects across the country"
October 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling:
"The State of the Industry - Trends and future growth captured in latest StatsCan survey"
September 2004 HazMat Management:
"The Environment Industry: Past, Present, and Future"
August 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling:
"Passing the Sniff Test - Hydralogic finds success in the odor-control market"
July 2004 HazMat Management:
"Northern Niche - How to handle environmental opportunities in remote locations"
June 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling:
"A Look at Bioenergy"
May 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling:
"In-Vessel Processing - Could a German technology avert a garbage crisis?"
April 2004 HazMat Management:
"On Your Marks - How to overcome obstacles to bringing new environmental technologies to market"
March 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling:
"ATT: Toronto looks at advanced thermal treatment options"
February 2004 HazMat Management:
"How to Win the Biggest Clean-up Contract in Canada - The Sydney Tar Ponds"
January 2004 Solid Waste & Recycling
"Toronto's Gold Rush: 51 new and emerging technologies for waste take place a place in line"
December 2003 HazMat Management
"Toxic Sludge Technology- Treatment Innovation and Opportunity"
November 2003 HazMat Management
"Great Expectations - PCB Waste Market in Canada"
October 2003 Solid Waste & Recycling
"Green Junkyards - Not an Oxymoron"
August, 2003 Hazardous Materials Management Magazine
How to Win Big When You're Little
April, 2002 Engineering Dimensions
Environment, Challenge and Opportunity
May, 2001 Engineering Dimensions
Cleaning Up With Biotech
November, 2000 HMM Magazine
AMPS: The Environmental Equivalent of a Parking Ticket
August, 2000 CEPAL
Environmental Compliance: Carrots and Sticks
July, 2000 HMM Magazine
Integrated Environmental Decision Making: The Next Step in Risk Management
May, 2000 CEPAL
Community Right-to-Know Legislation: Is it Really Needed?
May, 2000 HMM Magazine
Gas and Fuel Oil Regulations: Who's in Charge?
May, 1999 HMM Magazine
Environment Enforcement in Canada: Suggestions and Possibilities
April, 1999 Engineering Dimensions
Environment Industry: Prospects for Growth in the New Millennium
March, 1999 HMM Mag
Canada is slowing down and the U.S...
January, 1999 HMM Magazine
Environmental Enforcement Trends
November, 1998 HMM Magazine
Ontario's Excess Soil Guidelines
August, 1997 Engineering Dimensions
The New Rules of the Environment Game
Spring, 1997 Environmental Law
Environmental Law and the Internet
Fall, 1996 CEBA
Ontario Section Newsletter - Approvals in Ontario: Changes and Future Trends
Summer, 1995 The Lawyers Weekly
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